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The K House, built by Pacific Plus Constructions and designed by Chenchow Little, has won the 2014 award for New Residential Houses.

The awards are presented by the Australian Institute of Architects.

Here’s the verdict:

This house presents a striking challenge to the suburban context of Vaucluse in its robust and unassuming street presence. Designed as a permeable volume within a carefully modulated outer skin, it provides both privacy and seclusion as well as an outlook to adjoining gardens.

The project’s significant move is to provide a level of openness between this outer skin and outside by inserting an elongated courtyard along the northern side of the living area. This feeling of porosity is further enhanced by a series of mirrored panels – creating an unexpected spatial generosity and blurring of boundaries.

Upper and lower spaces interconnect in a playful manner with walls opening and closing to reveal service spaces and storage nooks. Interior materials are texturally rich as well as uncompromising in detail, providing spatial delight at every turn.

This project is both adventurous and resolute in many ways. The result is a beautifully accomplished and confident building – a good testament to an adventurous architect and visionary client.

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