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Phil Strudwick


Phil Strudwick, the Director of Pacific Plus Constructions, is a distinguished professional in the construction industry with a rich history of commitment to excellence in residential construction. His career began with the completion of his Building Studies degree in the UK, laying the foundation for a remarkable journey marked by hands-on experience and leadership.

Phil’s expertise expanded from his early role as a Site Surveyor to encompass Site & Project Management, where he oversaw various complex residential building projects. Notably, he managed several high-profile ventures at Eton College, contributing to the construction of key facilities, including the Music Hall, Boathouse, and a state-of-the-art sports facility.

In 1999, Phil made a significant move to Australia, continuing his dedication to building homes to the highest standards. He further refined his skills with Bellevarde Constructions, where, over six years, he successfully completed five award-winning projects. Bolstered by this experience, Phil launched Pacific Plus Constructions in 2007, focusing exclusively on residential construction.

Under Phil’s visionary leadership, Pacific Plus Constructions has continuously pushed the boundaries of residential construction. Collaborating with some of the country’s most innovative architects and risk-taking clients, the company has excelled in delivering the architectural visions of eminent designers through a bespoke and collaborative building approach, specializing exclusively in modern residential architecture.

In recognition of Phil’s outstanding leadership and the company’s exceptional contributions to the industry, Pacific Plus Constructions was proudly awarded The Master Builder of the Year in 2022. This prestigious accolade underscores Phil’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and unwavering dedication to setting new standards in residential construction.

Phil’s philosophy centers on a client-focused approach, eliminating stress for clients by prioritizing construction detailing and meeting client and architect expectations. Pacific Plus Constructions measures success by realizing the concepts and wishes of clients and architects, providing a seamless and pleasurable building experience for the entire project team.

Maintaining a steadfast dedication to the residential sector, Phil has consciously directed Pacific Plus Constructions away from commercial building projects. This unwavering focus allows the company to consistently deliver the highest standards of quality and innovation in the realm of residential construction. Under Phil’s leadership, Pacific Plus Constructions continues to be a trusted name in the industry, consistently exceeding the expectations of clients and architects.