Phil Strudwick
Phil StrudwickDirector
After completing Building Studies at University in the UK, Phil gained extensive experience initially as a Site Surveyor, before progressing to Site & Project Management of various complex residential and commercial buildings. Most notably, Phil managed several high profile projects at Eton College including the Eton College Music Hall, Boathouse and their state of the art sports facility.

In 1999 Phil moved to Australia with his wife Dors. He continued to build homes to the highest of standards, honing his skills with Bellevarde Constructions.

After 6 years and 5 successful award winning projects, Phil launched Pacific Plus Constructions. For the past 12 years Phil has continuously challenged the limits of residential construction with some of the countries most innovative and ground breaking architects and risk taking clients! He continues to build to the highest of standards, with focus on both quality and budget for all involved.

Formed in 2007, Pacific Plus Constructions has become responsible for the delivery of the architectural vision of eminent designers through a bespoke, collaborative building approach that understands the benefits of partnering. The company excels in the construction of modern architecture.


The company measures project success through realising the concepts and wishes of clients and architects alike. By attaining the identified project objectives, Pacific Plus Constructions is able to provide a seamless and pleasurable building experience for the whole project team.

A client-centred building focus is a pillar of the Pacific Plus Constructions building philosophy, eliminating client stress. By engaging Pacific Plus Constructions one can be confident of a focus on both the construction detailing through the quality workmanship of our trades people, and the meeting of the client and architects expectations with respect to project and cost management.