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Bay St Mosman

Architect – MacCormick & Associates

Two elegant living pavilions grace this architectural masterpiece, gracefully perched above a stone podium that defines a captivating internal courtyard – a harmonious in-between space. The podium seamlessly extends from the street rock face, creating a natural link between the existing tennis court and the expansive west view.

The design of the living pavilion cleverly bends to delineate a serene verandah seating area while framing panoramic views of Middle Harbour. The cantilever not only signifies this breathtaking view externally but also adds a touch of architectural brilliance. Adjacent to it, the secondary pavilion serves as a haven for guest bedrooms and children’s play areas.

Embarking on an 11-meter ascent from the street, an unassuming steel portal in the rock face marks the beginning of the journey. A stair, artfully cut into the rock, ascends around the stone plinth, leading to the inviting front door.

The space between the pavilions is a multi-functional haven, serving as the entryway, a courtyard for sculptural landscaping, vertical circulation, and a tool for cross ventilation, solar access, and natural light.

A sturdy steel structure connects the pavilions, transforming into a striking canopy that shields the outdoor entertaining area from the elements – with the western pavilion acting as a guardian against the winds.

Private retreats find solace within the stone plinth, offering both refuge and thermal control through its substantial walls. For a seamless connection with nature, bedrooms open directly onto a green roof above the garage, inviting residents to engage with the lush garden surroundings.