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Bynya Rd Palm Beach

Architect – Chenchow Little

Stewart House, nestled in Palm Beach atop a ridge with commanding views of McKay Reserve, is thoughtfully designed for living in a bushfire-prone ‘Flame Zone’. Adhering to stringent bushfire code regulations, protective measures such as bushfire shutters, non-combustible building materials, and a fire-rated roof have been implemented.

This single-storey, split-level residence features a series of textured rectilinear volumes gracefully cascading down the sloping site. The entire structure, including the pool, boasts walls constructed from fire-resistant brick. Horizontal bands of 50mm bricks and ‘hit and miss’ screening adorn the face brick walls, creating a dynamic interplay with external courtyards and terraces.

The fire-rated roof is supported by 610mm high steel beams and closely spaced Z-purlins, forming a robust yet visually striking framework. The meticulously patterned brickwork, coupled with the repetition of steel members, lends a sense of texture and lightness to the simple and strong rectangular forms of the fire-resistant structure.

In stark contrast to the natural surroundings, the off-white volumes of the dwelling and swimming pool emerge as abstract objects, adding a touch of modernity to the landscape. The Stewart House seamlessly integrates safety, functionality, and aesthetics, offering a unique and secure haven in the midst of nature’s beauty.