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Etham Ave Elizabeth Bay

Architect – Chenchow Little

This 160m2 apartment is meticulously designed for a couple transitioning from a spacious family home. The primary living space spans three structural bays, each boasting a distinct orientation and geometry. The carefully positioned openings can be closed off for privacy or strategically used to frame views, fostering a seamless connection between rooms. The play with perspective is masterfully executed as the lighting track follows the kinking geometry, complemented by floorboards and a timber ceiling that accentuate the space’s bending, creating a sense of elongation.

The existing geometry finds further expression in the extensive joinery that defines the interior. Crafted from American Oak, these joinery pieces give the illusion of floating and serve as artful showcases for the client’s extensive art collection. Recessed panels with sliding or hinged doors introduce additional surfaces, providing the owner with the flexibility to curate a dynamic, ever-changing art display for the 25 paintings housed in the apartment.

Upon entry from the elevator, guests are greeted by a captivating mural created by artist Esther Stewart, adorning the walls and ceiling in a geometric pattern that stays true to her distinctive color palette. These hues are thoughtfully echoed and highlighted throughout the apartment, creating a cohesive and visually stunning living space.