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Hopetoun Ave Vaucluse

Architect – Chenchow Little

Crafted to fulfill the client’s desire for an exceptionally private residence while embracing panoramic views of Sydney Harbour, the sunny northern aspect, and the tranquil rear garden, this house is a testament to thoughtful design within a protective masonry shell.

The faceted and substantial walls of the masonry shell, sculpted with precision, create a fortress-like exterior that fulfills the need for privacy without compromising the influx of natural light. Adhering to local planning envelope controls, the walls gracefully diminish in height as they approach the boundary, forming a distinctive zigzag profile on the northern façade. This unique geometry not only shortens the external perspective but also manipulates and extends the perspectival depth of the interior.

Within the robust masonry shell, a delicate interplay emerges with the insertion of a light glazed and louvred structure that seems to ‘float’ above the living space and courtyards below, nestled against the protective southern wall. Ground-level living rooms are strategically arranged around irregularly shaped courtyards, showcasing a maple tree and mirrored cores. The external facade’s solid textured render contrasts elegantly with the spotted gum timber internal lining, creating a visual harmony.