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The Grove Balmoral

Architect – Corben Architects

Perched on the landscape overlooking Balmoral Beach, this modern and contemporary residence boasts four levels, offering breathtaking views. The scale of the home is meticulously crafted, employing a blend of rendered brickwork, quartzite stone, and grey cedar cladding for a harmonious aesthetic.

The top floor is a dedicated space for living and entertaining, seamlessly merging with the outdoors. It envelops a spacious terrace, a refreshing swimming pool, and inviting outdoor living areas. This level is thoughtfully designed to capitalize on the stunning surroundings, creating a perfect setting for relaxation and socializing.

Inside, the beautifully appointed interior is a testament to a thoughtful combination of rich textures and natural materials. The design fosters a seamless indoor/outdoor transition, allowing residents to connect with the picturesque surroundings while enjoying the comforts of the well-designed living spaces.

This residence not only offers a contemporary and stylish living experience but also provides a privileged vantage point to revel in the magnificent views of Balmoral Beach.